Lancaster County

It is every new homeowner’s nightmare to sign the purchasing papers, get the keys, and walk into a house with a foundation problem. While foundation issues can be the result of any number of causes, one common cause is improper waterproofing. Foundation problems can be as obvious as a crack running along the inside of your home or can be more difficult to spot. Don’t let your foundation problem become the foundation for even more problems down the road. Call in American Waterproofers, Lancaster County foundation and crack repair specialists.

For almost three decades, Lancaster County residents have trusted American Waterproofers and our Dry Basement Systems to plug cracks and fix any possible structural integrity damage. Our foundation and crack repair service offers thorough inspections and detailed reports for you to examine before we properly fill the crack, stabilizing the foundation.

American Waterproofers offers a variety of home services beyond foundation repair. We are expert mold removal specialists, able to identify the cause of the mold, test your home for free, spraying, fogging, and wiping as necessary to remove the problem. Our basement drainage system installations will prevent mildew and further mold from forming while lowering the water table, keeping water below the hydrostatic point, and maintaining structural integrity of your property.  

American Waterproofers is proud to offer a total satisfaction guarantee. We provide many of the strongest warranties in the industry and offer free estimates for any issue. Contact us for a free quote for any of our mold removal, basement drainage, water damage repair, or basement waterproofing services in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.