Are you experiencing issues with your home foundation? Seeing any cracks running along the walls or floor? Do you smell the putrid stench of mildew or see growing spots of mold? Have you been too afraid to investigate your house’s foundation lest you find something you would rather not?

American Waterproofers understands. Owning a home is one of the most exciting investments a person can make, but it can also be a stressful endeavor when things go wrong. That is why we have worked with Chambersburg residents for the last twenty-seven years to make these common household issues easier to navigate and address. You can see from our many glowing reviews that we know how to address mold removal, basement drainage, and foundation repair without breaking the bank.

We are happy to provide free mold tests to our Chambersburg friends and free quotes for its removal. Mold has been linked to respiratory and psychological issues, so it is better to let our team of experts address it quickly than to let the situation fester.

The same goes for foundation and crack repair. Homes with cracks in the walls or floors may find deeper issues buried beneath the foundation that will only grow worse as time goes on. Allow an American Waterproofer team member come examine the crack, find the cause, and fill it before any real harm is caused.

American Waterproofers is best known for our SuperDry system, used to drain basements of signiciant amounts of water that comes in through the walls and underneath the floors. Our proprietary system will resolve any drainage issue, whether your basement is completely flooded, or you have just started noticing a mildew smell.

When you need our services, Chambersburg residents can contact us over email, on our website, or over the phone at (717) 938-2272. We look forward to working with you and scheduling an appointment to discuss your needs.