Cumberland County

Few if any Cumberland County foundation, basement drainage, and mold removal specialists offer the same kind of care, patience, and expertise as American Waterproofers. Since 1990, American Waterproofers has led the way in waterproofing. We continue that tradition today with our three guarantees.

First, our SuperDry System is maintenance free. Guaranteed. That means when you install a SuperDry system to keep water out of your basement, you never have to worry about water filling it again. This will prevent mold and mildew forming and cracks from starting due to water.

Secondly, our floor crack guarantee means that any crack we fix, stays fixed. If for any reason you are not totally happy with your crack repair, the American Waterproofer team will come visit your Cumberland County home to evaluate your concerns and provide solutions.

Lastly, our clog-free money-back guarantee for your SuperDry system means you never have to worry about clogging in your system. The SuperDry system lowers the water table, keeps water at or below the hydrostatic point, eliminates the pressure that pushes water up through your floor, and maintains structural integrity of your property during installation. With our proprietary products and superior attention to detail, we know that clogs will be a worry of the past.

Hear from our previous clients about their experiences to help determine if contacting American Waterproofers is right for you. Our warranties are some of the strongest in the industry and we offer financing options, senior citizen discounts, and $500 off any job over $3000 with our online coupon.

Next time you need mold removal, basement drainage or foundation repair for your Cumberland County property, make sure you contact us over email, on our website, or over the phone at (717) 938-2272.